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I designed and built the Presider's Chair and small table for the sanctuary here at the church.  I met with Father Michael Whyte several times to discuss the needs and expectations of the church regarding these very important and highly visible pieces of furniture.  The alter, lectern and tabernacle were already there so the challenge was to design furniture that fit in aesthetically but also looked unique. We went with cherry to match the existing pieces and I used walnut to inlay the 7 Sacraments along with the Chiroh into the back of the chair.  There is also an elaborate carving on the back of the chair of a cross draped with a stole.  I recreated Father's embroidery from his own stole and carved it into the design. There are also carvings of lilies on the small table to honor St. Catherine of Siena, the namesake of the parish.paragraph here.

St. Catherine of Siena Parish  West Simsbury, CT