dana scinto design studios

problems solved...... here.

Finally, the image was carved, along with the text.  After flaming and painting, I sealed them with Seal-fin waterproofing treatment and a few coats of spar varnish. 

I cut a piece of 1/2 inch marine plywood into the shape of the barn.  Onto each face I attached reclaimed barn wood and ended up with a 2 sided sign that looked like this.

We decided on a barn shaped silhouette, here is the rendering I did to show what the finished product might look like. 

I digitally recreated her sketch and turned it into a carving program for the CNC.  Here is the sample run I did of it, followed by a light flaming with a blow torch to bring out details.

My client and her husband bought a small farm in Orient NY, on the North Fork of Long Island.  They wanted 2 signs for the farm and my only inspiration was this sketch she did of her husband.